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By purchasing Traffix, you agree with and acknowledge the terms in this agreement. Your license grants you the ability to run Traffix on a domain of your choice. You may only use one license per domain and you must own a valid license to use Traffix. Transferring a license will forfeit your ownership of said license. You may not modify the Traffix code. Any attempts to modify the Traffix code may void your license.

The Networks feature of Traffix is intended to ease the connection of Traffix owners with similar sites. Networks are added at the sole discretion of the Traffix developers and no guarantees are made that a suitable Network for your site is available. Your ability to use the Networks feature can be removed without notice and for any reason. You agree that you will follow the network rules and only join networks which are appropriate for your site.

These terms are subject to change at any time. All rights reserved.